Amazon Fire Phone Review

Amazon Fire Phone Review

If you have been wondering what other unique feature another smartphone would bring to the table, then prepare to have your mind blown away when you get your hands on the new Amazon Fire Phone!

With the dominance enjoyed by Apple and Samsung in the smartphones' world, it has been, and it still is very difficult for other companies to break the glass ceiling. Motorolla, HTC and other companies have tried with little success. But trust Amazon to come up with a way to not only give the dominating brands a run for their money, but also ensure that they increase their sales on all the other products they sell on their online store. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

The Amazon Fire Phone gives the term online shopping a whole new meaning. This is thanks to the two very unique features that it comes armed with. The dynamic perspective and the firefly features. We'll look at them in details shortly.

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Unique Features that Give the Amazon Fire Phone an Edge over other SmartPhones

The Dynamic Perspective

The Dynamic Perspective uses unique sensors that respond to the way one holds, moves or looks at the phone. This is executed by a 3D display that uses four infrared Polaroids pointed at your face to help judge whether you're viewing the screen straight-on, from an angle, or even how far from the screen your face is. The phone can then alter the picture accordingly to give you the clearest image. It also tracks your head development and turns games or maps as per how you are looking at them. This allows you to read long pages or even books to the end without touching the phone even once.
One of the things that Amazon tried to do with this phone is reduce the amount of activity and input that users have to do to get results. Instead of clicking a whole bunch of stuff, you hold the phone and it does things for you.
— Dave Cotter

The FireFly Technology

The phone has a dedicated firefly key that works by extracting information from printed material, bar codes, business cards, magazines, books and the like. It can read email addresses and phone numbers allowing you to easily make calls, send emails or save contacts.
This technology takes shopping to the next level by allowing you to extract information on products you come across, helping you to discover related products, compare prices, add products to your wish list or even purchase them from the Amazon store.
You can, at a click of a button, get all the information you need on a book, music, movies and even live channels.

How Firefly Technology Works

See something you like in the store or a friend's place, point the phone against the item and the phone will extract information about the information including the price from the amazon store.
See something you like in the store or a friend's place, point the phone against the item and the phone will extract information about the information including the price from the amazon store.


Mayday is Amazon's award winning customer service. Amazon Fire Phone's support is a video call away. Any problem is easily solved by a technical support by either demonstrating for you through your phone's screen, taking you though the problem solving step by step, or them just fix the problem for you themselves.
With Mayday, you will not have a frustrating, head-banging day. Help is only a button away.

Advanced Camera System

Amazon Fire Phone comes with a 13 megapixel camera with optical Image Stabilization, 1080p full HD video, feature from both the front and the rear facing lenses, and unlimited cloud images storage.

Amazon Membership for a Year

The fire phone started shipping on the 25th of July, 2014. For a limited period of time, the phone comes with a full year Amazon Membership giving one privileges such as free 2 day shipping, free music steaming as well as access to hundreds of thousands of books from Amazon's Kindle Owner's Lending Library.

Amazon Apps Store

The one thing I don't like about this smartphone is the fact that though it is android, it does not have access to google services like other android smartphones. Features like gmail, g+ and Google Play store.
This limits greatly the number of apps available.