How to Buy Orange/Telcom Airtime Using Mpesa Paybill

How to Buy Orange/Telcom Airtime Using Mpesa Paybill

Life is easy with Mpesa. I remember when I wanted to buy an Orange line for my data bundles needs and I walked from one communications stall to another in the rain to no avail. I finally got one where I registered and bought an airtime card worth 1000, just enough for the monthly unlimited bundle.

The stall was however very far from my house and whenever I needed to top up, I found it hard to find an airtime card worth more than 100 Kenyan shillings. This can be frustrating. How do you scratch and load 10 cards?

Not anymore. Paying bills via Mpesa has made work so much easier for Kenyans.

Using the Orange paybill number, you can now top up your Orange airtime with whatever amount you wish. This is great for emergencies and when you just need the convenience it brings to the table.

Here's how you do it...

  1. Go to your SIM Toolkit and select 'Safaricom'
  2. Choose 'Mpesa'
  3. Select 'Lipa na Mpesa'
  4. select 'Pay Bill'
  5. Enter Business Number 220220
  6. Enter Account number ORNG(Your orange number) For instance, - ORNG077******
  7. Key in the amount of airtime you wish to purchase
  8. Enter your PIN
  9. Select ok and check to confrirm that you have entered the right information
  10. Click OK and wait for a confirmation message from Mpesa