How To Write An Analytical Essay In Three Easy Steps

How To Write An Analytical Essay In Three Easy Steps

Writing an analytical essay involves exploring an argument based on facts in an issue, a piece of writing or an idea. The essay is broken down into parts all of which work together to support your stand on the issue. To come up with a skilfully crafted analytical essay, there are steps that need to be followed. These steps can be grouped into three major phases:
• The pre-writing phase
• The writing of the essay
• The finalizing phase

Pre-writing the Essay

Before you can even begin writing your essay, there is need to understand the objective of the assignment. Think about the topic you are to write about carefully and take a stand. This involves coming up with a thesis statement; a sentence summarizing your claim, while telling the reader what the essay is all about. List down all the resources that support your argument and how they do so. The next step involves coming up with an outline that organizes your ideas in a logical manner. This will make your work easier when you get down to the actual writing of the analytical essay.

Writing the Essay

An analytical essay has three main parts: an introduction, the body and the conclusion. The introduction gives the topic’s background information. It contains the thesis statement. It is followed by the body of your essay. Each paragraph in the body should make a different argument that supports the thesis statement. Remember to give the evidence that supports every argument. The conclusion reminds the reader how the essay was able to prove the argument. It summarizes all the ideas discussed in the analytical essay and how they all supported the thesis statement.

Finalizing the Essay

This phase involves proofreading the essay for grammar and spelling mistakes. Reading the analytical essay out loud helps in pointing out sentences, words and phrases that do not make sense. Having someone else proofread your essay helps identify mistakes that you might have overlooked.
Creating an analytical essay is not difficult. With a topic in mind, all you need is to understand the purpose of the essay. This helps in coming up with a claim. You should then come up with articles, ideas and resources that support your argument. Finally, ensure that you go through your essay very carefully before submission to correct spelling as well as grammar mistakes.