Monday, October 24, 2016

Nairobi Matatu Conmen

This chilling story was shared by a Facebook user. Do share as well and let's remain vigilant.

"I took an MOA complaint from KNH and headed to CBD in broad daylight.
I sit by an aisle. At GPO most guys alight, not concerned cos I wanted to get off at KENCOM. conductor announces, stage ingine KENCOM. I move to the window cos the guy who was seated by the window had alighted.

Near the lights at Kimathi street, I notice a crowd of men come forward, 7 or so. They all occupy all the front seats. At this I looked at the guy who had come to sit next to me, he had a knife bit had covered it with a jacket on one hand. I then noticed a red eye, I freaked out, stood up and said, 'nipishe.' Guy had one leg on the aisle and the other firmly next to me. He refused but I raised my voice and protested. I moved to the step near the conductor who was facing outside. I told me him, wacha nishuke. He refused and you know he was hanging by the door facing outwards. He said kanju watatushika. I am now standing at the last step. Then I look back in the bus. There are like 7 men all seated near the door. They look rugged each with an envelope. Then I realize all these guys must have gotten in at GPO and had marked me.

I tell the conductor these guys are thieves to thought to which he replied, madam ukiingia gari, kazi ni mingi, ujisort. I knew I was alone. The men are now hurling crazy insults at me. They all come to the steps. The conductor had already thinned. At the front is a mukurino lady who I now realize was to hoodwink me that we were at least two ladies in the car. She was laughing at the insults. The car had now started moving towards KENCOM. These guys are now literally next to me at the steps and luckily the car pauses, I jump off and the guys disappear towards ambassador.

God gave me wisdom and I reacted quickly. I now realize they would have mobbed me up very well aided by a conductor hanging at the door facing outward. I now realize I should have screamed and alighted at the lights even if there was kanju.

When you get into a mat, use your phone minimally, carry 100 in your pocket or hand. Don't open your bag at all.

Above all, pray in the morning and thank God in the evening.

The story goes on and on in buses between hurlingam and yaya. Someone who should be ridding buses of these ruthless and daring gangs is aiding them.

If NPS cannot deal with them then let us avoid the buses.

Something must be done; that is why we vote!

Share widely and make this viral."

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How to Transfer Money from Mpesa to your/an Equity Bank Account

You know that you can withdraw money from your Equity Bank account to Mpesa through yourEquitel line, but did you know that you can transfer money from Mpesa to your Equity Bank account? Here’s how you do it…

  1. Go to your phones toolkit
  2. Select safaricom then ‘Mpesa’
  3. Select ‘Lipa na Mpesa
  4. Select ‘Pay Bill’
  5. Enter Equity Mpesa Business/ Paybill number which is 247247
  6. Enter the account number you’d like to transfer the money to
  7. Enter the amount of money you wish to transfer
  8. Key in your PIN
  9. Confirm the amount and account number before hitting send

You’ll get pop-ups confirming the transfer and also a few seconds to stop the transfer if you so wish.

Expect an SMS from Mpesa confirming the transaction and another one from Equity confirming that the money has been received.

How to Withdraw Money from Equity Bank to Mpesa via Equitel

We looked into Equitel’s introduction and frequently asked questions in a previous post and today we look into how you go about withdrawing money from your Equity Bank account to Mpesa through your Equitel line. We’ll also look at how you can check your bank balance via Equitel. Let’s get right to it.

  1. Go to Equitel from your phones toolkit and select ‘My Money’
  2. Select ‘Send/Pay’
  3. Select the account number you’d like to withdraw from
  4. Select ‘To Others’
  5. Select ‘Mpesa’
  6. Type the Safaricom Mpesa phone number you’d like to send the money to
  7. Enter the amount you want to transfer
  8. It will ask you to confirm the amount and the number you’re sending the money to
  9. Type in your PIN and that’s it.
You’ll receive a confirmation message from Equity bank and the person you’re sending the money to will get a confirmation message from Mpesa.

To check your Equity Bank account balance via Equitel,

  1. Go to ‘My Money’like in step ‘1’ above and select ‘Bank balances’
  2. Select either ‘All Accounts’, ‘Mini Statements’ or ‘Statement by email’
  3. Select either ‘Show on Screen’ or ‘Send by SMS’ whichever you’d prefer
  4. Enter your PIN
Your balance will be displayed on the screen or sent to you via SMS depending on the one you chose.

Friday, August 5, 2016

How to Report a Crime Via SMS in Kenya

It is impossible for law enforcers to be everywhere at the same time. To curb crimes in our neighborhoods and places of work, we as the Kenyan citizens need to do what needs to be done wherever we are. This is where 'Mulika Uhalifu Initiative' comes in.

Mulika Uhalifu Platform

For just one Kenyan Shilling, you can report every crime as it happens and make a difference by having the right authorities do something about it.

If you witness a crime of any kind whether rape, theft, molestation,  murder or domestic violence, just send a text starting with your County name, crime description and location to 22068. Security authorities will instantly receive your message.

E.g. Nairobi Armed robbers along Waiyaki Way, near ABC Place. and send this to 22068.

Mulika Hongo Platform

Another worrying trend especially among government officials in corruption. Instead of serving Kenyans the way they are supposed to, some government officials demand for bribes from Kenyans to carry out their duties. To inform the County Security Teams and help the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission put an end to such habits, Send a similar text starting with the County followed by Hongo and then the description of the corruption crime.

e.g. Nairobi Hongo *your message description* and send the text to 22068.

For whatever information you volunteer, your identity is concealed and your anonymity is guaranteed.

You have to admit that reporting crimes has never been this simple! Remember that security starts with you and I.

Monday, August 1, 2016

NHIF Accredited Hospitals: In-patient Health Cover

NHIF Accredited Inpatient hospitals fall under 3 categories. We shall look at all three categories and the hospitals that fall under each in every region in the country.

Category A NHIF Accredited In-Patent Hospitals

The hospitals that fall under this category are government hospitals. Members enjoy comprehensive cover. As long as you are a member who's kept the payments up to date, you do not pay a single penny in this hospitals for maternity, surgery and all other health services. Below are the Hospitals in category A:

In Nairobi

  • Kenyatta National Hospital
  • Mathare Mental Hospital
  • Mbagathi District Hospital
  • National Spinal Injury Hospital
  • Pumwani Hospital
  • University Dental Hospital
  • University of Nairobi Health Services

In Central Region

  • Gakoe Health Centre
  • Gatundu District Hospital
  • Githunguri Health Centre
  • Igegania Health Centre
  • J.M Kariuki Olkalou District Hospital
  • Juja Farm Health Centre
  • Karatina District ospital
  • Kerugoya District Hospital
  • Kiambu District Hospital
  • Kiandutu Health Centre
  • Kikuyu Sub County Lussegetti
  • Kimbimbi Sub District Hospital
  • Lari Health Centre
  • Maragua District Hospital
  • Mt. Kenya Hospital
  • Mukurwe-ini Sub District Hospital
  • Murang'a District Hospital
  • Muriranja District Hospital
  • Ndeiya Health Centre
  • Ngenda Health Centre
  • Nyathuna Sub County Hospital
  • Nyeri Provinsial General Hospital 
  • Othaya Sub District Hospital
  • Ruiru Sub District Hospital
  • Thika Level 5 Hospital
  • Tigoni District Hospital
  • Wangige Health Centre

In Eastern Region

  • Embu Provincial Hospital
  • Giaki Sub District Hospital
  • Ikutha Health Centre
  • Ishiara District Hospital
  • Isiolo District Hospital
  • Isiolo District Hospital (Amenity)
  • Kangundo District Hospital
  • Kanyakine Sub District Hospital
  • Kathiani Hospital Machakoes
  • Katse Health Centre
  • Katulani Sub District Hospital
  • Kilala Model Health Centre
  • Kisasi Health Centre
  • Kitui District Hospital
  • Kyuasini Health Centre
  • Machakoes Provincial General Hospital
  • Magutuni District Hospital
  • Makindu District Hospital
  • Makueni Hospital Machakoes
  • Marsabit District Hospital
  • Matuu Sub District Hospital
  • Mbeere District Hospital
  • Mbooni Sub District Hospital
  • Meru District Hospital (Amenity)
  • Meru District Hospital (General)
  • Miathene District Hospital
  • Migwani Sub District Hospital
  • Mikinduri Sub District Hospital
  • Mikumbune Sub District Hospital
  • Moyale District Hospital
  • Mutomo Health Centre
  • Mwingi Hospital
  • Ngomeni Model Health Centre
  • Nuu Sub District Hospital
  • Nyambene District Hospital
  • Sultan Hamud Sub County Hospital
  • Test Hospital of  Hope
  • Tharaka District Hospital
  • Tseikuru sub District Hospital
  • Yanzuu Health Centre

In Coastal Region

  • Adu Dispensary
  • Bamba Sub District Hospital
  • Baricho Dispensary
  • Bualala Model Health Centre
  • Bomani Malde Dispensary
  • Chakama Dispensary
  • Coast General Hospital
  • Dagamra Dispensary
  • Dida Dispensary
  • Dungicha Dispensary
  • Dzikunze Dispensary
  • Faza Sub District Hospital
  • Fundi Issa Dispensary
  • Ganze Health Centre
  • Garashi Dispensary
  • Gede Health Centre
  • Gongoni Health Centre
  • Hola District Hospital
  • Jaribuni Dispensary
  • Jibana Health Centre
  • Jilore Dispensary
  • Kakoneni Dispensary
  • Karimboni Dispensary
  • Kilifi District Hospital
  • Kinango Hospital Kwale
  • Kipini District Hospital
  • Kwale District Eye Centre
  • Kwale District Hospital
  • Lady Griggs Maternity Hospital
  • Lamu District Hospital
  • Madunguni Dispensary
  • Malindi District Hospital
  • Mambrui District Hospital
  • Marafa Health Centre
  • Marekebuni Dispensary
  • Marereni Dispensary
  • Mariakani Sub District Hospital
  • Matolani Dispensary
  • Matsangoni Model Health Centre
  • Midoina Dispensary
  • Mizijini Dispensary
  • Moi Hospital Voi
  • Mpeketni Sub District Hospital
  • Msambweni District Hospital
  • Mtondia Dispensary
  • Mtwapa Health Centre
  • Mwangatini Dispensary
  • Ngao Hospital Tana River
  • Ngerenya Dispensary
  • Njukini Health Centre
  • Palakumi Dispensary
  • Port Reitz Chest Hospital
  • Rabai Rural Health Demonstration Centre
  • Roka Maweni Dispensary
  • Sokoke Dispensary
  • Sabaki Dispensary
  • Sagalla Health Centre
  • Shomella Dispensary
  • Sosoni Dispensary
  • Taveta District Hospital
  • Vipingo Health Centre
  • Vitengeni Health Centre
  • Wesu District Hospital

In North Eastern Region

  • Balambala Sub County Hospital
  • Mandera District Hospital
  • Eldas Health Centre
  • Garissa Provincial General Hospital
  • Hulugho Sub District Hospital
  • Ifttini Sub District Hospital
  • Ijara District Hospital
  • Wajir District Hospital

In Nyanza Region

  • Ambira Sub County Hospital
  • Awendo Sub District Hospital
  • Bondo District Hospital
  • Gesusu Sub District Hospital
  • Gucha District Hospital
  • Homabay District Hospital
  • Homabay District Hospital (Amenity Ward) 
  • Isebania Sub District Hospital
  • Kisii Level 5 Hospital
  • Kisumu District Hospital
  • Kombewa District Hospital
  • Kuria District Hospital
  • Madiany District Hospital
  • Matangwe Community Health Centre
  • Migori District ospital
  • Nyamira District Hospital (Amenity)
  • Nyamira District Hospital Kisii
  • Kisumu Provincial General Hospital
  • Rachuonyo District Hospital
  • Rongo Sub District Hospital
  • Siaya County Referral Hospital
  • Suba District Hospital
  • Victoria Hospital Kisumu
  • Yala Sub District Hospital  

In Rift Valley Region

  • Arror Health Centre
  • Bahati District Hospital
  • Baringo Distrit Hospital
  • Bishop Eddie Long Bondeni Hospital
  • Burnt Forest Sub District Hospital
  • Cheborgei Health Centre
  • Chemase Health Centre
  • Chemosot Health Centre
  • Chepkanga Health Centre
  • Chepkigen Health Centre
  • Chepkorio Health Centre
  • Elburgon Nyayo Hospital
  • Eldama Ravine Sub District Hospital
  • Emining Health Centre
  • Endo Health Centre
  • Entarara Health Centre
  • Entasopia Health Centre
  • Esageri Health Centre
  • Gilgil Sub District Hospital
  • Imurtot Health Centre
  • Iten District Hospital
  • Kajiado District Hospital
  • Kapenguria District Hospital
  • Kapkatet District Hospital
  • Kapsabet District Hospital
  • Kapsabet District Hospital (Amenity)
  • Kapsara District Hospital
  • Kaptarakwa Sub District Hospital
  • Kericho District Hospital
  • Keringet Health Centre
  • Kimalel Health Centre
  • Kipwastuiyo Health Centre 
  • Kitale District Hospital
  • Kocholwa Sub District Hospital
  • Lodwar District Hospital
  • Loitoktok District Hospital
  • Lokitang Hospital Lodwar
  • Londiani District Hospital
  • Longisa County Referral Hospital
  • Lopiding District Hospital
  • Maralal District Hospital
  • Marigat Sub District Hospital
  • Meteitei Sub District Hospital
  • Mogil Health Centre
  • Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital
  • Molo District Hospital
  • Mosoriot Rural Health Training Clinic
  • Naivasha District Hospital
  • Nandi Hills District Hospital
  • Nanyuki District Hospital
  • Narok County Referral Hospital
  • Njoro Health Centre
  • Nyahururu District Hospital
  • Oleguruone  Sub District Hospital
  • Nakuru Annex Provincial General Hospital
  • Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital
  • Roret Sub District Hospital
  • Sereolipi Health Centre
  • Sigor Sub District Hospital
  • Soy Health Centre
  • Tambach District Hospital
  • Tambach Sub District Hospital
  • Tenges Health Centre
  • Timboroa Health Centre
  • Transmara West Sub County Hospital
  • Uasin Gichu District Hospital

In Western Region

  • Alupe Hospital
  • Banja Health Centre
  • Bungoma District Hospital
  • Busia District Hospital
  • Butere District Hospital
  • Emuhaya Sub District Hospital
  • Kakamega County General Hospital
  • Kimilili District Hospital
  • Likuyani Sub County Hospital
  • Lumakanda County Hospital
  • Makunga Rural Health Demonstration Centre
  • Malava County Hospital
  • Manyala Sub County Hospital
  • Mautuma Sub County Hospital
  • Mt. Elgon District Hospital
  • Navakholo Sub County Hospital
  • Port Victoria Sub District Hospital
  • Shibwe Sub County Hospital
  • Teso District Hospital
  • Vihiga District Hospital
  • Webuye District Hospital
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In North Eastern Region

  • Camel Medical Centre
  • Garissa Mother & Child Health Care
  • Garissa Nursing Home
  • Samaad Hospital
  • Zonal Annex Nursing Home

In Nyanza Region

  • Acorn Community Hospital
  • Alpha Community And Nursing Home
  • Awasi Catholic Mission Dispensary
  • Bama Nursing & Maternity Home
  • Bondo Medical Centre
  • Bosongo Medical Centre
  • Christa Marianne Hospital & Nursing Home
  • Coptic Nursing Home Maseno
  • Divine Mercy Aluor Health Centre
  • Dophil Nursing & Maternity Home
  • Gucha Cottage Maternity & Nursing Home
  • Hema Hospital
  • Holy Family Catholic Mission Hospital
  • Homeground Medical Centre
  • Isana Nursing Home
  • Jalaram Nursing & Maternity Home
  • Janeiro Nursing Home
  • Kendu Mission Hospital (Kendu Bay)
  • Lenmek Hospital
  • Mama Pilista Health Centre
  • Mamas Nursing Home-Riat
  • Maseno Hospital
  • Matata Nursing & Maternity Home
  • Nightgale Maternity & Nursing Home
  • Nyamira Maternity & Nursing Home
  • Nyangena Hospital
  • Nyansiongo Maternity And Nursing Home
  • Ogembo Medical Centre
  • Ogra Medical Centre & Community
  • Ojele Memorial Hospital
  • Oruba Nursing & Maternity Home Ltd
  • Owens Maternity & Nursing Home
  • Pastor Machage Memorial Hospital
  • Rang'ala Mission Hospital
  • Rapogi Community Health & Mat. Centre
  • Rosewood Nursing Home
  • Sagam Community Hospital
  • Santa Jane Nursing Home & Maternity Serv
  • Sega Cottage Hospital
  • Sori Lakeside Nursing Home
  • St Akidiva Memorial Hospital
  • St. Consolata Kisumu Hospital
  • St. Elizabeth Chiga Dispensary
  • St. Elizabeth Hospital Lwak
  • St. Joseph's Hospital (Nyabondo)
  • St. Joseph's Mission Hospital Migori
  • St. Monica's Hospital
  • St.Camillus Mission Hospital
  • St.Camillus Mission Hospital
  • St.Paul's Mission Hospital
  • St.Vincent De Paul's Health Centre
  • Star Children Hospital
  • Suna Mat & Nursing Home
  • Tabaka Mission Hospital (Kisii)
  • Tombe Medicare Centre
  • World Youth International Mama Ann Odede Health Complex

In Rift Valley Region

  • A.I.C Kapsowar Hospital (Eldoret)
  • A.I.C Litein Cottage Hospital Kericho
  • A.I.C Kijabe Hospital Naivasha Med. Centre
  • Akemo Valley Maternity & Nursing Home
  • Assisi Nursing Home
  • Athi River Medical Services
  • Athi-River Shalom Community Hospital
  • Barnet Memorial Medical Centre
  • Bethania Medical Centre
  • Care Givers Community Hospital
  • Catholic Hospital Wamba Via Maralal
  • Charity Medical Centre
  • Chesongoch Health Centre
  • County Medicare Ltd- Maralal
  • Egerton University Health Centre
  • Eldoret Hospital
  • Evans Sunrise Medical Centre
  • Finlays Medical Centre
  • Fountain Medical Centre
  • Kaiboi Mission Health Centre
  • Kakuma Mission Hospital
  • Kapkoi Health Centre
  • Kericho Nursing Home Ltd.
  • Kiminini Cottage Hospital
  • Kipchimchim Mission Hospital
  • Kitengela Medical Centre
  • Kitengela Medical Services-Kajiado
  • Kobujoi Mission Hospital
  • Makadara Health Care
  • Mercy Hospital Eldama Ravine
  • Mt. Longonot Medical Services Limited
  • Narok Cottage Hospital
  • Oljabet Annex Medical And Nursing Home
  • Oljabet Medical Centre – Laikipia
  • Ortum Mission Hospital (Kitale)
  • P.C.E.A. Nakuru West Hospital
  • Plateau Mission Hospital (Eldoret)
  • Poly-Clinic Hospital
  • Rapha Medical Centre Nakuru
  • Rombo Mission Hospital
  • Segera Mission Clinic
  • Siloam Hospital
  • Sipili Maternity & Nursing Home
  • Sister Fridas Medical Centre
  • Sister Mazzoldi Dispensary And Maternity
  • St. Anthony Health Centre
  • St. Brigitas Catholic Ya Mumbi
  • St. Clares Mission Hospital (Kaplong)
  • St. Joseph Mission Hospital
  • St. Joseph's Hospital (Kilgoris)
  • St. Joseph's Nursing And Maternity Hom
  • St. Leonards Hospital Limited
  • Tenwek Hospital Bomet (Sotik)
  • Transmara Medicare Hospital
  • Unilever Tea (K) Ltd-Central Hospital
  • Valley Hospital Limited
  • Wama Nursing Home
  • Wananchi Jamii Maternity & Nursing

In Western Region

  • Ahmadiya Muslim Hospital
  • Butula Mission Hospital (Busia)
  • Central Maternity & Nursing Home
  • Elgon View Medical Cottage
  • Friends Lugulu Hospital
  • Holy Family Hospital Nangina
  • Itando Mission Of Hope And Healthcare
  • Jumuia Friends Hospital
  • Kakamega Orthopedic Hospital
  • Kima Mission Hospital
  • Lumino Maternity & Nursing Home
  • Lupe Medical Centre
  • Mwihila Mission Hospital (Yala)
  • Nala Maternity & Nursing Home
  • Namasoli Health Centre
  • Nzoia Medical Centre
  • St. Damiano Medical Hospital
  • St. Elizabeth Hospital (Mukumu)
  • St. Mary's Hospital (Mumias)
  • Tanaka Nursing Home
  • The Great Lakes Medical Centre
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How to Buy Orange Kenya Unlimited Data Bundles

Updated on 29th Sep, 2016

The orange XCELL Bundles are no longer limited. This is what you get...
  • XCELL Daily 400MB for Ksh 50
  • XCELL Weekly 2GB for Ksh 249
  • XCELL Weekly 15GB for Ksh. 990
  • XCELL Monthly 6GB for Ksh 990
  • XCELL Monthly 30GB for Ksh 2,990

Since I learnt that you can use your phone as a modem, I have been using Orange unlimited data bundles. Compared to Airtel and Safaricom, Orange is way much cheaper and convenient. Orange Kenya offers 3 options when it comes to unlimited data packages; daily, weekly and monthly. In this post, we look at the steps you take when you want to buy Orange Kenya unlimited data bundles...

  1. Dial #123# to access Orange menu
  2. Reply with 2 for 'Internet Bundles'
  3. Reply with 5 for XCELL Offers
  4. Reply with either 1, 2 or 3 for XCELL daily  at 50 Kshs, XCELL weekly at 249 Kshs or XCELL monthly at 990 Kshs respectively.
  5. Reply with 1 to subscribe
  6. Reply with 1 to confirm
It is important to note that for the Daily data bundles, you stay subscribed. What this means is that if you do not need the unlimited data the following day;, you need to unsubscribe. Otherwise, your data bundles are renewed daily as long as there is airtime in your phone.

If you are in the house or can't find a place to buy orange airtime, you can just buy Orange airtime from your Mpesa account.

Now tether your phone to your laptop and browse away! Lovely day.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

CIC Insurance Contacts

CIC Insurance group has been providing Kenyans with insurance services for more than 30 years. In this post, we look at the Insurance company's contacts for the benefit of those who want to contact the company's customer care.

Contact Centre

+254 703099120 

CIC Insurance Website

Visit the Insurance Company's site through the link.

CIC Insurance Facebook Contacts

You can reach them though their Facebook page by following this link.

CIC Insurance Twitter Contacts

Another way of contacting  customer care is by sending a tweet through their twitter handle @CICInsurance

CIC Insurance Branches Contacts

Nairobi Town Office
Reinsurance PlazaMezzanine Floor,
Aga Khan Walk
Mobile: 0703 099 500
Tel: (020) 329 6000

Buru Buru Branch
Vision Place, Ground Floor
Mumias Road
Mobile: 0771 925 036
Westlands Branch
Pamstech House
2nd Floor, Woodvale Grove
Mobile: 0718 882 826
Thika Branch
Thika Arcade, 6th Floor
Kenyatta Highway
Kitengela Branch
Capital Center, 2nd Floor
Mobile: 0773 616 674
Nanyuki Branch
Pearl Place, 1st Floor
Mobile: 0703 099 770
Naivasha Branch
Eagle Center, 1st Floor
Mobile: 0703 099 763
Nyahururu Branch
Kimwa Centre, 2nd Floor
Kenyatta Avenue
Tel: (065) 203 2055
Machakos Branch
Imani Plaza (ABC Building), 3rd Floor
Tel: (044) 202 0349
Kiambu Branch
Bishop Magua Hse, 4th Floor
Tel: (066) 202 2038
Nyeri Branch
Co-operative Union Building
3rd Floor,
Tel: (061) 203 0657
Nakuru Branch
Mache Plaza, 2nd Floor
Geoffrey Kamau Road
Tel: (051) 221 6035 (051) 221 7204
Kisumu Branch
Wedco Centre, Mezzanine Floor
Oginga Odinga Road
Tel: (057) 202 5063
Homabay Branch
Cold Springs Plaza, Ground Floor
Mobile: 0770 735 827
Embu Branch
Sparko Building, 3rd Floor
above Family Bank
Tel: 0703 099 900
Meru Branch
Bhatt Building, 1st Floor
Ghana Street
Tel: (064) 313 0869, (064) 313 0591
Eldoret Branch
Co-operative Building, 1st Floor
Tel: (053) 203 1490
Kisii Branch
Magsons Plaza, 2nd Floor
Mobile: 0725 987 183
Bungoma Branch
Teachers Sacco Plaza
3rd Floor, Hospital Road
Tel: (055) 203 0121
Kericho Branch
Kipsigis Teachers SACCO
Building, Ground Floor
Tel: 0704 223 400
Kilifi Branch
Kilifi Complex, 2nd Floor
Mobile: 0739 111 166
Mombasa Branch
DL Furniture Plaza
1st Floor, Nkrumah Road
Tel: 0703 099 751
Kitake Branch
Mega Center, 1st Floor
Mobile: 0703 099 951
Kakamega Branch
Walia’s Centre, Ground Floor
Tel: (056) 203 0242 / 0850